Business Intelligence & Data Mining

The research area business intelligence & data mining covers all aspects of collecting, managing and analysing business-relevant information to support decision making processes as well as operative processes, especially considering new types of data sources.

Information extraction from unstructured data

Techniques for the (semi)automatic extraction of relevant information from unstructured data; wrapper induction and sentiment analysis

Data warehouse modelling (data warehousing)

Multi-dimensional data warehouse modelling under consideration of new types of data sources and business processes; modelling languages for defining and visualizing multi-dimensional data warehouse models; integration of data mining modells into multi-dimensional data structures of a data warehouse

Analytic business intelligence and data mining

Application of data mining techniques in the area of revenue management, production optimization and customer relationship management

Operational business intelligence

Loop-back of analytic business intelligence to operative processes; personalization of products and recommender systems; personalization of web pages and targeting

Web usage mining

Analysis of the web usage behaviour; correlation of the web usage behaviour and other business processes

Meta learning and adaptive decision support systems

Analysis of usage patterns within decision support systems; identification of success factors for optimizing decision support systems; automatic adaptation of decision support systems

ICT in tourism

The research area information and communication technologies in tourism deals with the application of innovative ICT solutions in all areas of the tourism domain, their conceptualization, implementation and evaluation regarding their usability and user acceptance.

Mobile services

Application of mobile services as ubiquituous marketing and distribution channel; context-sensitive mobile services especially in the form of location-based services, recommender systems as well as adaptive services in general

Semantic web and interoperability

Application of semantic technologies to support a seamless data interchange; ontology-based information extraction and integration

Adoption und acceptance of ICT applications in tourism

Analysis of factors influencing the usage and acceptance of ICT systems in different application areas of the tourism domain

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